I’m a computer geek with a degree in computer science (that’s different from programming), and a background in nuclear engineering and physics. Where I went to school, you had to commit to 24 hours of college mathematics to get a degree in Computer Science, so branching out wasn’t hard… mathematics provides the universal language.

Having hung around the government more than the average person, I have to agree with the bumper sticker I saw the other day: “I love my country, but I fear my government!”

That fear is a healthy thing, keeps me on my toes… but at the moment I want the government to fear its people… there’s been way to much complacency.

The long time, entrenched bigots, who deem themselves our leaders, with their bloated egos, need to have those egos deflated, and they need to remember that they were placed where they are to serve the people who elected them, not the other way around.

That’s my take on the situation… if you don’t like it, you can’t have any.


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