We were granted a collective gift, we who have been born on this planet. Those of us who have been most blessed by our ancestor’s decisions have lost our way. Individually we may not bear the total burden for this, but we still share part of the collective guilt.


An example from my part of the world: before the city and the developers got hold of it, my little slice of heaven was like the picture. I failed to save the ancient trees, and now I have mostly dirt, and scrubby weed.





We, as a race, have decided that we will go down the way most civilizations have… greed, avarice, rampant abuse of power, criminal levels of negligence, and a total failure to accept the consequences of our collective actions.  It’s even harder for the current generation to grasp, since they’ve been raised to think all of this is normal.  Our desire for more ease, more wealth, without balancing those drives against the limits of our world and the rights of others, give us scenes where the world we know is dying. Our lust for material things is slowly poisoning the source of life.






Worse, we know that hundreds of thousands are suffering and dying and we continue our ways, trampling them down, and profiting from their suffering.






Climate extremes are increasing, the scientific data supports it, but the politicians and the corporations have succeeded in making the great American herd think that it’s not really happening… even when the flood waters are drowning people, they still insist that it’s just a fluke, not what was predicted.





Einstein famously said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” But we’ve solved it before even addressing it… we’ve solved our problems by pretending there are no problems.





Climate change and our collective idiocy are the subject. If you’re looking for uplifting stories, you should go back to your search engine.


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