Joe Immen — Climate Hawk Sticker

Climate Hawk Sticker

Like many artists, Joe Immen is using the Big Cartel web site to sell the product of his craft to the public. Not being an art critic, you’d normally never hear from me about things like this, but Joe has created something that caught my attention, a “Climate Hawk” sticker. Joe describes the sticker below.
Image of Climate Hawk Sticker
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I designed a logo and bumper sticker for my fellow Climate Hawks: those who care about climate change and clean energy, and who judge the risks of global warming to be great enough to warrant substantial action. If you look closely, there is an unmistakable warming trend in the angle of the hawk’s wings 🙂
The sticker is 4 x 4 inches. Screenprinted by Sticker Robot on white vinyl with a protective UV coating, these are weatherproof and will last for years.

OK Climate Hawks, we’ve got a bumper sticker… you can get your own here!


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