Ur Union of Unemployed | BITE BACK

Spread this one around, it’s what’s happening and no one in the media seems to want to say it!

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One response to “Ur Union of Unemployed | BITE BACK

  1. The second time my husband lost his big job (in the last two years) we decided not to make my husband endure the indignity of the measly $1000 a month that Florida pays to its top earners for unemployment. We felt like it would be a hindrance and bring him down having to be around that type of gov't hand-out atmosphere. Trust me, after having been through the first job loss and stock market losses (he is in construction BTW) we were not prepared for another loss in income. He had already taken a pay cut of half his prior salary and we were just digging our way back to saving and he was let go again. Still, we knew that our family would pull together and he would keep his head held high and we would push toward our American Dream again…without the government giving us a hand out. We could have lost everything but he has worked his way into a job that is proving to be lucrative. He got the job by offering to work for free for a small construction company owner. He went from working for a $300 million company to working for free for a $1 million company…and now that small company will bill $5 million this year, due in large part to his efforts. This is The American Way…ingenuity.BTW, If an employer can test you for drugs as a condition of employment (which I strongly disagree with), why is it that people should not have to pee in a cup for unemployment compensation?

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