Politi near fascist behaviour around COP15, Copenhagen sounding like a place to avoid for Tourism.

Indymedia action timeline | live radio stream | icop15 agreggator.

Today’s Reclaim Power action held a people’s assembly outside the COP15 Bella Centre calling for Climate Justice. Police tried to disrupt marches from outside reaching the COP15, with baton charges, pepper spray and preventive arrests (call for action, press release, video). Despite the COP15 pretence of democracy and inclusion of the global south, the police threatened delegates with arrest, and assaulted with batons when they tried to march out to the joint assembly.

Blue bloc

The blue bloc (courtesy of Modkraft)

People in Bella Centre moving towards main gate

Blue bloc approaching Bella Center

Delegates sit-in protest at the Bella Centre

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Early in the morning, multiple marches tried to make their way to the Bella Centre where the COP15 is held. The group meeting at Orestad station (Green) was surrounded by police and some were arrested [videos 1 | 2 | pic], but others managed to move towards COP15. A second bloc (Blue), of more than 1000 people, made their way to the Bella Center whilst resisiting attempts from the police to break it [Video 1 | 2 | 3 | 4] [Pics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6] The bike bloc was blocked by police and redirected away. At the same time a group of protestors managed to get into the area of the COP15-Summit with a raft [pics]

Police have been repeatedly attacking the crowds with baton charges and pepper spray, as well as arresting protesters throughout the morning, and arresting medics [pics]. Corporate media report 200 to 250 arrests [viedo] Following yesterday’s arrest of Tadzio Muller after the Climate Justice Action press conference, at  more spokespeople were violently snatched out of the crowd today. At 18:00 a CJA press conference will address the arrests of 4 media spokespeople that aim to limit their freedom of speech.

Meanwhile at the COP15 Friends of the Earth, Avaaz and Via Campesina were refused entry despite aquiring a second accreditaton. Delegates staged a sit-in protest [<a href="http://indymedia.dkhttp://indymedia.dk/system/photo/2009/12/16/1949/bf0c0a34-9a6f-43d8-8563-996606d98289.jpg“>pic, video], whilst 200 others from NGOs, indigenous people and the Global South marched out [Pics 1 | 2 | Videos 1 | 2] but police with batons and pepper spray prevented them from reaching the People’s Assembly. An hour later, a protest broke into the COP15 plenary with the slogan “Climate Justice Now!”, and the Indian delegation burned its badges [vid].

The People’s Assembly took place at midday outside the Bella Centre [Pics 1], without those from inside the Bella Centre – they were prevented from getting out. After speeches, the assembly decided to move towards the centre [vid] of town, while the police have been snatching people, and blocking progress intermittently. 

Timelines Indymedia DK (castellano) | Modkraft.dk (dk | en) | Motkraft.net (se, en) | Global Project (it) | Politiken.dk (dk | en) | Lahaine (castellano)
Previous days’ COP15 reporting: 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th December 2009

Today is the first day of the ministerial phase of the COP15 summit, that so far has made little progress. The Reclaim Power! Action, aims to take over the summit for this one day to turn it into a people assembly (call for action, latest press release). Similar assemblies have already been taking place outside the UN summit for a week, as part of the Klimaforum09 people’s climate summit with an estimated 25.000 people having taken part in discussions.

[ Democracy Now! coverage ] [ Reports from corporate media: 1 | 2 ]

Grabbed the first page of this just in case someone tries to “clean” this off the Web…


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