t r u t h o u t | Nearly One in Six Citizens Went Hungry in 2008

by: Jim Lobe  |  Inter Press Service

Washington – As the World Food Security Summit got under way in Rome Monday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) disclosed that nearly one in six U.S. households went hungry at some time during 2008, the highest level since it began monitoring food security levels in 1995.

Altogether, 14.6 percent of households, or some 49 million people, “had difficulty putting enough food on the table at times during the year”, according to the report, “Household Food Security in the United States, 2008”.

That marked a sharp increase from the 11.1 percent of households, or 36.2 million people, who found themselves in similar straits during 2007, according to the report whose lead author predicted that the percentage was likely to be higher in 2009 due to the ripple effects of the financial crisis that erupted 14 months ago.

All very Interesting, and VERY Significant… let’s zoom out a bit…

Every six seconds, looking around the globe, a child dies from starvation…

Don’t believe it? Take a look: wfp.org

Yes, shockingly, we’re letting 1/6th of our population be malnourished… pretty close to average these days… since that’s about the ratio of people facing death by starvation this year… I guess we’re trying to keep up with rest of the world eh?


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